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Drone Shooting

I specialize in producing promotional films, real estate, corporate, nature, city, and similar drone shots. Drone shots have become increasingly popular in recent times. They are widely used in a large portion of projects in the industry and will continue to be used for a long time.

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Uçar Battery Promotional Film

The general promotional film I prepared for Uçar Akü, showcasing the company and its production department.

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May 19 Special DJ Performance

The DJ performance by Çağrı Eken, the Founder of Eken Çağ Enerji, at SolarEX Istanbul.

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Cumhuriyet Teknokent SSP Project

Eken Çağ Enerji Cumhuriyet Teknokent Solar Power Plant Project

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Sol-Gen Product Shooting

A short promotional film I created for the Eken Çağ Enerji Sol-Gen Mini Mercan

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Anadolu Farm Real Estate Clip

General real estate shoot of Anadolu Çiftliği. Drone, video shooting and general editing

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