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Who is this Atakan Okul?

Hello first of all

In a quick summary

I was born in Sivas in 1997. I completed all my education in Sivas. I studied Physiotherapy Technician and Radio Television programs.

How did I enter the industry?

I have worked in many jobs besides media, but after graduating from high school, I developed an interest in visual effects work, and my hobbies determined my career path.

Media Industry

It's busy

Why this job?

Because I enjoy doing it. I previously completed a physiotherapy degree, but I didn't enjoy the profession, so I didn't want to pursue it.

Why multiple media jobs?

Initially, I was only interested in video work. However, after working at an agency and being involved in content creation, I took on different job roles such as logo design and social media content creation to lighten the workload. This allowed me to expand my skills and develop myself further.

The work plan

Why freelance?

I worked at a media agency for approximately 4 years. After gaining sufficient experience and expertise, I decided to start my own business.

Positive Feedback
Photo and Video Shooting
Produced Content
My Website

My portfolio

I created this website because I needed a platform to easily showcase the work I'm involved in. I will be adding more content soon. You can view my portfolio on the following page.

Short Q&A

Anyone who graduates from a relevant school or has a computer can create an account for themselves on social media platforms. If I were to join a venture, I would prefer it to be after accumulating enough experience and resources. In short, not yet.

I don't want to define myself as a professional, but I believe that I am quite skilled in various fields of interest, and I strive to improve myself every day.

Advertising holds a significant place in every field of business. On social media, you can come across advertisements related to your interests, and it is crucial to produce these advertisements in the right way. In this context, the field I am interested in is an ever-growing and evolving area with endless opportunities and needs.

If you have seen the categories in my portfolio, you would have realized that I am involved in multiple fields. I would have liked to specialize in one specific area, but each field requires the support of others. Due to this need, I continue to develop myself in various areas. It would limit me if I had to rely on others for product photography, video production, or website design for a company I manage the social media and create visual designs for. Being the best in multiple fields is not easy, but I believe I do my best in each one.

Of course, there are certain difficulties in both jobs, but I enjoy doing both jobs very much.

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